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Our Partners

Pink Rose Organix


USDA Certified Organic feed for an optimized digestive system and healthy hindgut; Organic Boost & Balance is for horses of all breeds and disciplines. A delicious, prescriptive blend of organic proteins, oils, and fiber that works with your pasture or hay to boost digestive efficiency and balance the diet. Boost & Balance focuses on hindgut function; driving animal health, attitude, and positive, cool energy!

Stance Equine USA


Stance Equine USA is a distributor for equine feed and supplement products from Stance Equine Australia that serve to enhance the health and performance of your horse. Stance has pioneered the feeding of “cool and calm” low starch feeds based on the unique properties of copra meal and provide benefits that include low starch (2%), high digestible energy (DE), high oil, and high digestible fiber.

The Horse Education Company


 The Horse Education Company offers innovative and stylish solutions for the equestrians  featuring a line of  halters, leads, horse training sticks & flags, and much more. Makers of the patented Hybrid Halter.  


Horse Flight 

Providing Excellence in Domestic &  International  Horse Shipping for 20+ years.

Lindsey Long Photography 

Lindsey Long Photography offers equine portraiture and horse and rider sessions. Let her tell the story of you and your equine partner. Services include black background portraits, white background portraits, competition photography, and horse and rider lifestyle photography

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