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Why Organic?

  • Higher Standards, are placed on ingredients for a safer, higher quality nutritional value 

  •  Rigorous Testing, our ingredients are monitored and tested at every step of the supply chain from field, to truck, to processing, to finished product to ensure the highest quality.

  • Organic Vitamins, allow for increased absorbion rates compared to inorganic alternatives that can cause deficiencies affecting overall health and performance.

  •  herbicide free,  GMO (genetically modifided organism) crops grown with the use of glyphosate (commonly known as roundup)  produce issues with mineral absorbion 

Equine Boost & Balance 


Alfalfa Meal has highly digestible fiber, higher calories compared to grass hay, and a good source of calcium.

Whole Flax Seed provides good protein and excellent omega-3 fatty acids for overall animal health & reduces inflammation.

Coconut Flour is highly palatable, provides cool energy, low in nonstructural carbs, and helps maintain a healthy coat, mane, and tail.

Peas & Sesame Meal help to boost the diets protein and provide good methionine, natural lysine and trace minerals (iron, copper, zinc, manganese)

Fermented Yeast Culture (pre-biotic) is used to generate unique functional metabolites, driving digestive ease and efficiency.

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Whats NOT in Equine Boost & Balance 

Cereal Grains (high in starch) can create issues within the hindgut, due to starch overflow from the small intestine causing hindgut PH levels to decrease, killing off valuable microorganisms that can lead to digestive issues such as colic and ulcers. Common cereal grains: Oats, Corn, Barley, Wheat Bran, Wheat Middlings.


Fillers are not used in Equine Boost & Balance. Each ingredient has a specific nutritional purpose and is the reason our feed supplies a nutrient dense diet with low feeding rates.  Only high-quality organic proteins, fats, and fibers are used. 

Soy is not used due to allergen issues and negative effects on behavior and reproduction cause by  high levels of phytoestrogen. Common ingredients: Soybean Hulls, Soybean oil, Soybean meal, and Soybean Seed Coats.


GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are not present in our feed as it is organic.

Glyphosate (herbicide commonly known as Roundup used on conventional crops) decreases nutrient absorption (causes vitamin deficiencies)  and is a contributing factor to joint issues in sport horses. Ingredients with high glyphosate levels: Soy, Corn, and Beet Pulp.

Inorganic Minerals are not used. Only naturally occurring minerals from organic ingredients are used to ensure full nutrient absorption into the equine athlete. Commonly used inogranic minerals: Magnesium Oxide, Copper Sulfate,  Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Sulfate, and Potassium Sulfate.